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i’ve watched this 4 million times 

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Unhemming Hemmings
“Oh, come ON babe,” Luke’s distressed nagging came through the wooden door, “ How long could you possibly take to get ready?”
I finished powdering my nose, with a flourish, and a grin.
He’s impossible. Absolutely impossible.
“First night in Vegas, I want to look nice! It isn’t ridiculous to want to look nice while we’re out and about in a city like this.” I slid open the bathroom door as I finished talking, to come face-to-face with my boyfriend. Luke’s instant grin was well worth the work of doing my hair and makeup. He took in the sight of the cerulean dress with a barely-concealed hunger in his eye. I gave him a smirk, satisfied and his obvious approval. Satin clung to me, emphasizing the curve of my breasts, and bringing out the color in my eyes- his two favorite features. Forcing myself to look away from the boyfriend licking his bottom lip, I headed out of the suite in a hurry. No use getting caught up with sex so early in the night.
No, tonight we would wait.
My heels clicked noisily against the marble flooring of the hall. Dozens of doors to other rooms placed close to our own lined the walls in front of me, making me want to blush. They really were quite close, and the walls horridly thin. I couldn’t help but flash back to the previous night, when we had arrived in the early hours of the morning, stumbling through the threshold, attached to each other by tongues and hands.
Hurriedly, I had taken off my clothing, which was slightly wrinkled from the flight. Luke stepped back briefly to witness the fleeting event. This was how he liked it. He liked to watch me do it. He reveled in the slight bounce of breasts as I freed them from my bra. In moments he was close, brushing his thumbs over my nipples and sending tiny shock waves through my chest. He had lowered his mouth to my neck- the height drastic difference noticeable- and swept a trail of kisses over the taut skin stretched over my collar bones. There was always pleasurably stark contrast in the rough way he handled my chest, and how soft he was with his lips.
Luke was hard already. He pressed jean-clad hips against me, so I could feel his need. Wanting me, as he had on the plane for hours. Unable to act on the overbearing lust while in flight, we were forced to agonize as suspense built. I’d disposed of his clothing nearly as quickly as I had my own, until we were both naked, and hot. FUCK it was hot. I snaked my hand up, to his naked shaft, to stroke and lightly pull, causing him to grow harder while we kissed.
Barely handling him for a second, he slipped away, having bent down to meet me at eye-level. Passion and need burned in his stare. “My beautiful girl,” he spoke  and delicately brushed his knuckles over my cheekbones with a small smile on his soft pink lips. “I love you. I need you.”
The moment of sheer tenderness passed quickly, overtaken by want. He looked down at me for affirmation, before lifting me up easily to latch my legs around his waist, so that we were nose-to-nose, and our naked chests were aligned. Our mouths met again- tongues swirling with each other’s familiarly.
It wasn’t something I ever had to think about. Being with Luke was natural. We knew what the other needed, and we did it. It was like breathing. Beautiful, and simple, and perfect.
He took strides towards the bed, setting me down softly, before crawling on himself. With Luke leaning over me, and the light playing behind him to highlight the gold in his hair, I found myself catching my breath. Fuck, he looked like a god. And FUCK, he felt like a god. He glided himself over me. The tip of his penis moving over my clit repeatedly, scattering any further thoughts I had about the mess atop his head.
Slowly he centered himself to that movement. Teasing, and agonizing. Each time he pulled back, it was suspenseful. When he drew his hips forward, my body jerked involuntarily. “LUKE,” my voice came out at a grumble. He chuckled lowly in his throat, sensing my impatience. “LUKE. Please.”
Knowing I wouldn’t last long if he kept up, he gave and slid into me. I released a sigh as my body adjusted itself to fit him as it did nearly every day. 
He gave me a moment to relax before he began the beautiful torture of meeting his pelvis with my own. Every pump was calculated. There was no rush when making love. We could stay connected forever. There was no “performance sex”. There was no insecurity, or need to try and impress. We savored the feeling of friction- curled up together, arms wrapped around the other’s body. My leg swung around his thigh above mine. Getting any closer was damn near impossible.
Tell-tale tingling arose in the pit of my stomach. A wait of about three long thrusts, and I was gone. Gone, and gone, and gone. By the sound of Luke’s labored breaths in my ear, I could tell he was close as well. A few kisses to his sweat-beaded neck, and the lad was done for. He came in heavy breathing, allowing a chorus of swears to tumble from his mouth as he gripped my tighter beneath him.
 I shook my head, erasing thought of last night from my mind. Paused in the hallway, waiting for Luke to catch up with me, I focused on steadying my breathing. It was enough flashbacks. The tenseness in the pit of my stomach had become nearly unbearable. I had to focus properly. Tonight was about reconnecting and having a fun night out. That could hardly happen if I had Luke pinned up on the bed for the next two hours. His heavy footsteps sounded behind me, and I turned to see his brows pulled together in confusion. 
The desperate look in his eye had slightly faded, replaced by a subtle hint of hurt.
"Did I do something wrong?" He phrased his question slowly, the baritone of his voice on display as he reffered to my hasty exit from the hotel room. Fuckity fuckins. He was adorable and sexy and confused and sweet and MINE.
I reached up to pinch his pouting bottom lip between my forefinger and thumb. An easy smile swept over my own mouth at the sight of his child-like expression. “No, no,” I assured him hastily, “you’re fine. You’re just too much sometimes. I get so… you know. It feels like my lungs are collapsing, and my throat  is closing. It’s like I’m having an allergic reaction to your strange mix of adorable and sexy.”
Luke’s eyes widened, taken aback by my forwardness- his shy nature making itself known in the way he bowed his head quickly to hide the soft rose blush that tainted his cheeks.  I couldn’t help but chuckle at his timidness. He was so cute it physically hurt.
Shit. Looking at him filled me with the most confusing sense of lust and a need to nurture and protect him. It was staggering. But he did the protecting, really. He was a gentleman through and through.
Luke was multi-faceted. On one hand you got a shy, quiet, and reserved boy with a tenancy to be silly and obnoxious. On the other he was a man of tradition. Pulling out your chair, opening doors, paying for dinner, fixing things that were broken. He supported the stereotype of men.
On another hand, he was soulful. Sensitive, and passionate. Loving and empathetic. This was the part of him I connected with. The part where we didn’t have to talk to communicate. We just KNEW. This was the side of him that would talk for hours about our feelings. The side that sat up all night to make jokes and make love. This was the side of Luke that made LOVE. He didn’t fuck. He worshiped. We shared something together, and it was innocent and beautiful, and eye-opening.
Who knew you could do that? That sex could feel like that? It was mind-blowing.
How could you love somebody this much without exploding?
It was difficult not to be touching him all the time in some form. Constantly holding hands, looking at each other and giggling madly. Looking at him now, awkwardly searching for words, it was easy to remember when we first met, and I had only witnessed one side.
I had started a job at a Pizzeria, and it was a busy Saturday night. Jenny, the delivery girl had called off, and I was filling her spot, as well as my own of taking the calls. For the fifth time within six minutes, the phone rang. I answered nearly incoherently, fatigue taking root in my sluggish reflexes.  The night was way too long, and I was ready to go home for a bath.
"Hello?" A deep male voice rang from the other end of the line.
“Hello, Pattie’s Pizzeria where we- yeah whatever,” I cut off the routine greeting, just wanting to get things done. “How can I help you?”
The man on the other end must have picked up on the overall done-ness in MY tone. His own was filled with apprehension. “Yeah, okay. Uh-” He spoke quicker, “Yeah I’d like two extra-large Pepperoni’s with a side of O-Rings, a boat of fried pickles, and a load of that sauce that comes with it. Well, maybe not? Do you have the horsyy sauce? I’ll take that,” he paused a moment, “and a side of chicken off the barbie.” I listed everything he mumbled out in clumsy scrawl, and asked if that’s all he’s got an eye for.
"Great, uhm, yeah," he nearly slurred his words together in haste to finish the call. “That’ll be it thanks.” He gave the address with thanks and a “Goodbye.”
“Uh yeah. Love you, bye,” I responded, dead out of wit. He laughed heartily, and I hung up. It took a moment for me to realize what I’d just said. How completely MORTIFYING.
Once the last four orders had been cooked, I packed up to deliver. Working the job of two people would be worth the extra money. I grabbed the address booklet, and headed out. The first stop was a brownstone on Main, who tipped generously. Next closest was the man who ordered enough for  the fucking Royal Navy, whom I had accidentally professed my love to as well. Following the address took me to the Langham.
Shit, nice stay.
I found the room number, and knocked briskly. A commotion of sorts filled the silence from the other side of the door. The depth of several male voices echoed back, until it climaxed and two men-or boys- were trying to shove themselves in the threshold with equal vigor.
“Cal, fuck off I’ve got it,” the taller, lighter-haired one spoke to his mate irritably. With a reluctant, longing look towards the stacked containers in my arms, “Cal” retreated in.
Left alone with the flaxen haired man/boy at the door, I waited for my pay, growing increasingly pissed.
"The boxes are heavy-" I started, wanting to quell the ache in my forearms.
"Yeah! Yeah of coarse," he interrupted me and motioned for me to come in. "Uh, you can just come in and set them on the  counter. Anywhere’s good really. Just- yeah.” His nervous slurring gave tell that this was the one I’d talked to on the phone. I set the food down- taking note of the haphazard state of the kitchenette- and turned around to receive pay. He had it offered out already, a smile making his lips stretch deliciously. "You know, I figured… I might get a bit of a discount Seeing as how you do love me and all."
I nearly choked on my tongue at his adress to my verbal mistake on the phone. “I’m sorry?”
He grinned,”you did say so. It was quite cute really.”
I blanched, now becoming the uneasy one. “Uh, no. Just a quick mistake. I’m quite tired.”
He grinned impossibly wider, causing the fluorescent lighting to reflect dully off of his dentist-dream teeth. “It was a laugh, and honestly… I wouldn’t mind if you’d meant it.”
Suddenly gone was the uneasy, giraffe-like boy. Like a switch, he’s become flirty. I found myself following his lead. “Okay, Lover, I’ve got to go, but I’ll tell you what. Why don’t we have dinner some time? You’re cute, I’m cute,” I looked at him at him, toe to head. Legs went on for days, to meet invitng, narrow hips. “We can be cute and eat food together, yeah?”
He nodded, slipping his tongue out to wet his bottom lip, and grabbed a sheet of paper to exchange numbers on. After a wave and a chorus of thank you’s from unseen others, I made my way out, with the intention of getting to my next delivery… the sheet of paper tucked safely away in my pocket whispering promising words of a new chapter in my life.
I’m thinking of turning this into an actual story I just don’t quite know how, or if it would be well-received. Let me know you’re thoughts!
-Alicia (sinfinitely)
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Thank you @CheersToTW we love this x
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@justinbieber: Breaking news @justinbieber posts two shirtless pics in a day could he be anymore full of himself” -silly people
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Jay McGuiness breaking it down at Amplify 2013

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